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The Magic Of Thinking Big Book by David J. Schwartz

  1. The size of one’s general satisfaction account is dependent on the size of one’s thinking.
  2. Launch yourself to success with the power of belief.
  3. Win success by believing you can succeed.
  4. Defeat disbelief and the negative power it creates.
  5. Get big by believing big.
  6. Make your mind produce positive thoughts.
  7. Develop the power of belief.
  8. Plan a concrete success building plan.
  9. Your thinking power is more important than your intelligence.
  10. Use your mind for thinking.
  11. Overcome your fear of other people.
  12. Increase self-confidence.
  13. Think confidently by acting confidently.
  14. Think big as you really are.
  15. Think big by visualizing.
  16. Add value to things.
  17. Test yourself.
  18. Use creative thinking.
  19. Develop creative power.
  20. Fight with mind-freezing thinking.
  21. Do more and do it better.
  22. Prevent small people from holding you back.
  23. Manage your work environment.
  24. Through poison out of the environment.
  25. Think bug even if you receive a setback.
  26. Defeat is nothing more than a state of mind.
  27. Success means many wonderful things.
  28. Success means freedom.
  29. Success means winning.
  30. Every human wants success.
  31. You can move by belief.
  32. I am positive, I can.
  33. When you believe I can do it, How to do it develops.
  34. Strong belief triggers the mind to figure out ways and means how to do it.
  35. Disbelief is a negative power.
  36. Believe big.
  37. Your mind is a thought factory.
  38. Thinking success conditions your mind toward success.
  39. The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief.
  40. Think little expect little.
  41. Big ideas are often easier.
  42. Excusitis get worse if it is not treated properly.
  43. Four types of excusitis i) health, ii) intelligence, iii) age, iv) luck.

Health Excusitis

  1. Millions of people suffer from health excusitis.
  2. Many people make health an excuse for success.
  3. Looking for illness often actually produces illness.
  4. 3 out of 4 hospital beds are occupied by people who have emotionally induced illnesses.
  5. Every minute a person spends worrying about dying.
  6. I am going to live until I die.
  7. Be optimistic.
  8. A right attitude with one arm can beat a wrong attitude with two arms.
  9. Refuse to talk about your health.
  10. Refuse to worry about your health.
  11. Gratitude is the key to good health.
  12. Enjoy your life, don’t waste it.

Intelligence Excusitis

  1. I lack a brain.
  2. 95% use intelligence excusitis.
  3. We underestimate our own brain power.
  4. We overestimate others’ brain power.
  5. What really matters is how you use what you have.
  6. A child does not need a lighting fast mind to be a scientist.
  7. You don’t need a miraculous memory.
  8. You don’t need high grades in school.
  9. A child should be curious.
  10. Don’t sell yourself short.
  11. Concentrate on your assets.
  12. Manage your brain.
  13. Your attitude is more important than your intelligence.
  14. Develop I am winning attitude.
  15. Find ways to win not to lose.
  16. Use your mind to make history not to record history.

Age Excusitis

  1. I am too old.
  2. I am too young.
  3. All time think about their age.
  4. They don’t try.
  5. You are only old as you feel.
  6. I am still young.
  7. Old age is a failure disease.
  8. What really matters is how well you know your job.
  9. Age has no real relation with ability.
  10. Look at your age positively.
  11. People at the age of 30 still have 80% potential.
  12. Invest your time in what you want to do.
  13. Your best years are ahead if you.

Luck Excusitis

  1. There is a cause of everything, Nothing happens without cause.
  2. Accept the law of cause & effect.
  3. We don’t become successful simply through luck.
  4. Don’t count on luck.

Build Confidence and Destroy Fear

  1. There is nothing to be afraid of except GOD.
  2. Fear is only your imagination.
  3. Fear is psychological.
  4. Fear is the number 1 enemy of success.
  5. Fear makes people sick.
  6. Fear wears down physical vitality.
  7. Fear = Lack of confidence.
  8. No one is born with confidence.
  9. Hope for the best.
  10. Isolate your fear.
  11. Turn your attention to helping others.
  12. Trust your own judgment.
  13. Hesitation enlarges fear.
  14. Put positive things in your mind.
  15. Negative thoughts create worry and frustration.
  16. Deposit good thoughts in your mind before you sleep.
  17. Count your blessings.
  18. Destroy your negative thoughts before those become mental monsters.
  19. Forget the bad.
  20. Guilty jams your thoughts.
  21. To think confidently, Act confidently.
  22. Be a front-seater.
  23. Practice making eye contact.
  24. Walk faster.
  25. Average people have average walks.
  26. Practice speaking up.
  27. The more you speak, the more you have confidence.
  28. Speaking is a confidence-building vitamin.
  29. Ask questions.
  30. Speak voluntarily in forums.
  31. Try to be ice-breakers.
  32. Smiling a big, smile gives you real confidence.
  33. Smile is an excellent medicine.
  34. A smile melts people’s anger.
  35. Harness the power of a smile.

How to Think Big

  1. People are measured by the size of their thinking.
  2. Determine your 5 chief assets.
  3. Think really big as you are.
  4. Never sell yourself short.
  5. We don’t think in words, we think in pictures.
  6. Words are the raw materials of thoughts.
  7. Each word and phrase creates a different picture.
  8. Don’t say we face a problem instead say we have a challenge.
  9. Brain like challenges.
  10. Big thinkers are creative and positive.
  11. For thinking big we need to use positive words and phrases.
  12. Use cheerful words to describe others.
  13. Use positive language to encourage others.
  14. Have a special good word for wife.
  15. Compliment people with appearance and work.
  16. Look at things not as they are, but as they can be.
  17. Practice adding value to yourself.

How to make Good Speech

  1. Don’t hesitate, BE confident
  2. Say something, Avoid conflict.
  3. Keep your eyes focused on big projects.
  4. It is much better to lose a battle and win the war than win a battle to lose the war.
  5. Concentrate on important things.
  6. Competes with best.
  7. You are better than you think you are.
  8. Grow big by thinking big.

How to Think and Dream Creativity

  1. Creative thinking is not restricted to intelligent people.
  2. Creative thinking is simply finding new ways to do things.
  3. Believe it can be done.
  4. Impossible is a failure word.
  5. Make a list of why you can do this.
  6. Nothing grows on ice. 

  7. If we let freeze our minds new ideas won’t.

  8. Welcome, new ideas.

  9. Become receptive to ideas. 

  10. Soak all the creative ideas you can. 

  11. Be an experimented person.

  12. Trying to do something different. 

  13. You know you can.

  14. Don’t work hard work creatively. 

  15. Capacity is the State of mind.

  16. How much you can do depend on how much you can think.

  17. Big people listen and small people talks.

  18. Listen to the people who buy the product.

  19. Designed the product to please the people.

  20. To sell Jon Brown what Jon Brown buys.

  21. Your ears feed your mind.

  22. Strengthen your creativity by asking and listening.

  23. Encourage others to talk.

  24. That’s your own view.

  25. Don’t let ideas escape.

  26. Write them down.

  27. Lots of good ideas die because we are not writing on paper.

  28. Carry a small notebook with you.

  29. Eliminate impossible, won’t work, can’t do words.

  30. Believe it can be done.

You are what you Think you are

  1. Thinking regulates actions.

  2. Self-respect shows through everything we do.

  3. The more respect you have yourself, the more respect others will give you.

  4. People judge by appearance. 

  5. Look important, it helps you think important.

  6. It cost so little to be neat.

  7. Look sharp, it will help you think sharp.

  8. The soldier feels and thinks like a soldier when he is in uniform.

  9. Your appearance Talks to others.

  10. People do evaluate you on the basis of your opinions.

  11. First impressions last.

  12. Well Dressed person’s appearance says positive things.

  13. Quality is more important than quantity.

  14. Think your work is important.

  15. People judge your abilities by your actions.

  16. Your actions control by your thoughts.

  17. Children quickly pick up the behaviors of parents.

  18. If you have enthusiasm those around you will have too.

  19. Give your 100%.

  20. Show a positive attitude toward your job.

  21. Talk to yourself.

  22. Give yourself a pep talk.

  23. You are not average.

Think like Successful People Think

  1. Upgrade your thinking, upgrade your actions.

  2. The body is what the body feed.

  3. Mind is what the mind feeds.

  4. Environment shape us.

  5. Mind, food is your environment.

  6. Negative people make us think negatively.

  7. Ambitious people give us ambition.

  8. Children set high goals.

  9. Never surrender.

  10. Start daydreaming.

  11. People who tell you this is impossible are those who are unsuccessful people.

  12. Accept negative advice, only a challenge.

  13. You can do it by simply thinking, right.

  14. Take advice from those who know.

  15. Become an expert in understanding people.

  16. Make new friends.

  17. Gossip is a negative Conversation. 

  18. Do I speed up rumors about other people?

  19. Do I say good things about others? 

  20. Do I like reports of scandals?

  21. Do I judge others on the basis of facts?

  22. Do I encourage others to bring their rumors to me?

  23. Do I say don’t tell anyone?

  24. Do I feel guilty?

  25. Do I keep secrets of others?

  26. People rate you for quality.

  27. Be environment-conscious.

  28. Make the environment work for you.



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