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How OCD Books Helped Me to Overcome My Anxiety.

This blog documents my personal journey through various physical and mental disorders, including General Anxiety Disorder, OCD, Hyper Sensitivity, and more.


My journey began in 2016 when I experienced my first panic attack after returning from a simple trip to the grocery store. Since then, I have been grappling with the debilitating effects of panic attacks, but I have since learned how to manage them. Despite my best efforts to control my thoughts and avoid stressful situations, I found myself sinking deeper into despair.


One day, while working on my computer, I stumbled upon an audiobook of the famous Urdu novelist Inayatullah’s work, ‘Dastaan Emaan Froshon Ki’ (Merchants of Faith). This book, uploaded in audio form in over 25 parts, marked a turning point in my journey. And so, I invite you to join me on this journey by reading my weekly blog, where I share new chapters of my story.



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